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Photography blog


Luxury Hotel Photographer 豪华酒店专业摄影师

Have you ever wonder what it’s like to be a professional hotel photographer and...
2nd Apr 17

The Art of Food Photography

Minh Tang (曾德明)is an experience photographer in the F&B industry, he has more than...
17th Feb 17
Pixinity Dragon Guilin

中国的黑与白 • China in Black & White

I’ve stumbled upon some inspirational black and white architectural and portrait photos from an...
8th Sep 16
Vigor & Sage Pet food

The most elegant and fancy pet food in the market.

The client Vigor & Sage approached us to shoot pet food and our instant...
8th May 16
Pullman Kaifeng Pixinity Photo

Road to Pullman Kaifeng • 开封建业铂尔曼酒店

Upon hearing that we have been awarded with photo project with Pullman in Kaifeng,...
8th Dec 15
Pixinity model GongYu

Gong Yu Model

I had the honor to work with one of the most talented model Gong...
2nd Mar 15
Pixinity Pudong Towers Photography

Shanghai Photographer

With the emergence of Shanghai as a premiere metropolitan city in the world, Shanghai...
16th Feb 15
Pixinity Hotel Photography

Professional Hotel Resort Photography in Shanghai China

Minh Tang captures the most stylish and luxurious hotels in China and shares some...
17th Dec 14
Pixinity: Fashion Photography Salazious Bikini

Bikini Photo Shoot

We took photos for Salazious’ newest bikini collection. I shot a series of 12...
17th Jun 14
Pixinity: Food Photography Fatcow

Fatcow Restaurant

Fatcow Burger is a delicatessen restaurant for gourmet burger and steak and offers a...
13th May 14
Pixinity Model Photography

Creative Fashion Shoot

I had the privilege to shoot with one talented model from Canada and another...
17th Oct 13
Pixinity: Food Photography M1NT


I shot another food set with M1NT with another talented chef from Austria, Lukas...
17th Oct 13
Pixinity Model Photography

Italian Fashion Brand Shoot

I had a great pleasure to working with a great Designer Neima who is...
13th Oct 13
Pixinity: Food Photography M1NT


We are very excited to shoot another set of food series for M1NT. Previously...
17th Mar 13
Pixinity Gansu Photography


We embarked on a journey into the far west of the Chinese territory, to...
17th Oct 12
Pixinity: Fashion Photography Santoni

Santoni Photo Shoot

Pixinity was assigned to take photos of Santoni’s latest collection for its upcoming exhibit...
5th Jun 12
Pixinity Bruce Lee Jon Benn

Jon Benn – Bruce Lee

I had the privilege to shoot a cover photo for Jon Benn, the legendary...
17th Mar 12
Pixinity Cambodia Photography

Cambodia Trip

During my Vietnam visit I joined a 4 day trip to Siem Reap and...
17th Jan 12
Pixinity: Fashion Photography Model

Photo shoot with Anne

Anne is a talented new model in town and we spontaneously took some test...
17th Oct 11
Pixinity: Fashion Photography Model

Twin model shoot

A double whammy shoot, I like using double whammy as it will always remind...
17th Dec 10
Pixinity: Fashion Photography Model

Stephanie’s collection shoot

Stephanie contacted me for a fashion shoot for her products and she like Charlotte...
18th Sep 10
Pixinity: Fashion Photography Model Mandy

It’s Shanghai Baby!

It was a really hot August day in Shanghai. I and Valery went to...
15th Aug 10