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中国的黑与白 • China in Black & White

I’ve stumbled upon some inspirational black and white architectural and portrait photos from an eclectic mix of photographers. I have a huge archive of architectural and landscape photos and I’ve decided to re-edit some selected images that were suitable for this series and publish a series of entirely black and white photos about Chinese landscapes and the urban jungle of Shanghai. This series encompasses landscape photography as well as tapping into the world of photo retouching mastery.


初期 • The Early Days

I have taken pictures since 1995 and studied black and white and color photography at the University of Hildesheim when digital cameras were still non existent. Having spent countless hours in the darkroom to develop the negatives, it was a tedious process and inefficient. With the introduction of professional digital cameras, it has revolutionized the photography industry. With the introduction of new technology, it altered the photography landscape drastically.


照片后期制作 • Photo Retouching

Retouching images replaces the process in the darkroom and photo retouching became an essential part of photography. I’ve spent countless hours in retouching my own work so I know every flaw and detail of my work to improve next time. You can compare the film darkroom to the retouching part of today. Photographing is the designing and creation of ideas of the imagery and retouching is the technical part of the process to sculpture the image. It is wise to master both processes in order to achieve perfection.


这个系列 • The Series

My black and white series is a mastery of image composition and retouch. At the beginning I’ve always followed certain standards and I thought they were strict rules as to what’s considered as aesthetic. After working on countless assignments I have begun to noticed that there less and less boundaries, I felt almost I’m confident enough to break the rules and started to apply my own rules of aesthetics. I’m not saying I will start shooting images upside down but having worked on so many assignments I want to seek for new creative ways to shoot yet retaining the very basic ideas of the assignment.


This series show China in a monotone black and white with extreme contrast. This contrast will highlight the bright areas and dim the dark areas to its extremes to culminate only on very specific areas. There is no specific interpretation behind my images as I’m not an artist, I reserve the interpretation for the viewer and my goal is to express the aesthetic in my own unique way.


Contrasty images reduces the gray mid-tones making the image more like a silhouette. The darkness of the sky gives the image a surreal and mystic look. It is like sun eclipse during a bright sunny day, in a world of fantasy, turning the day into the night. Blocking the light of the heaven and retain the light on earth. I have the freedom to sculpture the important things in the picture and darken the areas I view as insignificant.



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