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Santoni Photo Shoot

Pixinity was assigned to take photos of Santoni’s latest collection for its upcoming exhibit in Shanghai. Santoni is a leading Italian manufacturer of seamless machine. Pixinity was managed by Full Talent Corporation to seek for the right models and the right studio to undertake this assignment. We rented Studio One which is located in the Changning district and we arranged everything last minute and had little time to prepare everything. Everything worked out at the end hiring the models on the next day and arranged the studio etc. David who was the owner of the studio was nice enough to give us the bigger studio to shoot and using Broncolor lights, great lights! The models did a fantastic job as well. Robbin the male model nailed every shot, I bet he’s been doing this for a long time. The shots were pretty static, but if they were creative shot it would have been more challenging, but those shots were merely just product modeling shots so it was a piece of cake.

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