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02 Apr 2017

Luxury Hotel Photographer 豪华酒店专业摄影师

Have you ever wonder what it’s like to be a professional hotel photographer and how the images are taken? 你有没有想过一位专业的酒店摄影师是怎么样的?而且这些照片是如何拍摄出来的呢? I’m an experienced professional hotel photographer and my profession is to capture the most stylish and luxurious hotels. I will share some valuable and interesting experience about hotel photography. One might think shooting hotels is a lot of fun considering you can stay in a luxury hotel, eat gourmet food, opportunity to travel to exciting cities and of course taking […]

17 Feb 2017

The Art of Food Photography

Minh Tang (曾德明)is an experience photographer in the F&B industry, he has more than 10 years of photography experience with a degree in design/photography with Prof. Volkhard Hofer at the University of Hildesheim in Germany. The photographer currently reside in Shanghai China. I will walk you through the wonders of food photography and how it’s literally designed. I had the privilege to work on many beautiful and artistic food projects that I want to share with you and showcase from […]

08 Sep 2016

中国的黑与白 • China in Black & White

I’ve stumbled upon some inspirational black and white architectural and portrait photos from an eclectic mix of photographers. I have a huge archive of architectural and landscape photos and I’ve decided to re-edit some selected images that were suitable for this series and publish a series of entirely black and white photos about Chinese landscapes and the urban jungle of Shanghai. This series encompasses landscape photography as well as tapping into the world of photo retouching mastery. 我曾经看到一些由多元化摄影师拍摄的令人鼓舞人心的黑白建筑以及人像照片。我存有很多建筑和风景照片,我决定选定一些照片来重新编辑以适合这一黑白系列主题,并发表了一系列关于中国景观和上海都市的黑白照片。该系列包括风光摄影以及照片的后期制作。 初期 • The Early […]

08 May 2016

The most elegant and fancy pet food in the market.

The client Vigor & Sage approached us to shoot pet food and our instant association was a picture of a cat or dog in a natural environment. After talking to the client and discussing about the idea to create visually impactful images to claim the most elegant and fancy pet food in the market. The client came up with the idea to use actual ingredients and raw material to represent freshness as to conventional pet care packaging displaying the respective […]

08 Dec 2015

Road to Pullman Kaifeng • 开封建业铂尔曼酒店

Upon hearing that we have been awarded with photo project with Pullman in Kaifeng, we felt very privileged to be able to work on this project. We were amazed by the initial rendering briefings that employs ancient architecture style of the Northern Song dynasty utilizing gorgeous interior decoration. Historically Kaifeng was the capital during the Northern Song Dynasty (among the 8 ancient capital in China). All these ancient Song Dynasty elements are integrated into this modern 5 star hotel. 得知早前拍摄的开封建业铂尔曼酒店的作品得到了很多人的肯定后,我们十分的开心,真的非常荣幸可以拍摄这个项目。当最初看到酒店的介绍时,就深深地被其复古的北宋建筑风格和豪华内部装修所震撼。历史上,开封作为八朝古都,在北宋时期最为辉煌,所以这座现代化的5星级酒店在整体建筑及装修方面运用了大量北宋元素就显得非常高明。 […]

02 Mar 2015

Gong Yu Model

I had the honor to work with one of the most talented model Gong Yu for Liquid Model in Shanghai. On top of the shoot I have a pair of amazing fashion pieces from X.Q.Zhang Fashion that made everything easy so I couldn’t go wrong having selected the best ingredient for this shoot. One of turquoise color shimmering fabric pieces was my favorite to light the fabric with a flash light giving it a unique light source and texture. The […]

16 Feb 2015

Shanghai Photographer

With the emergence of Shanghai as a premiere metropolitan city in the world, Shanghai attracts a lot of attention in the fashion world along with many international photographers flocking into the city. Photography is a booming business in Shanghai and other major cities in China. Shanghai consists of foreigner photographers that tailor their work to international companies and local photographers tailor to the vast market of local and foreign clients, yet we are scratching just the tip of the iceberg […]

17 Dec 2014

Professional Hotel Resort Photography in Shanghai China

Minh Tang captures the most stylish and luxurious hotels in China and shares some valuable experiences with you about hotel photography. One might think or have the notion that shooting hotels is a lot of fun considering you can stay in a luxury hotel, eat gourmet food, opportunity to travel to exciting cities and of course taking beautiful pictures. Yes it is and you get all the pleasure however it’s a professional photography assignment and it means serious labor as […]

17 Jun 2014

Bikini Photo Shoot

We took photos for Salazious’ newest bikini collection. I shot a series of 12 different bikini styles with 3 different models. I was a rush job as usual like decided last minute to arrange the models and location etc. We were really lucky that it was a sunny day in the morning hours. I think I have miscalculated the sunrise, by 9am the sun was pretty high up there and we had hurry to get the shots as quickly as […]

13 May 2014

Fatcow Restaurant

Fatcow Burger is a delicatessen restaurant for gourmet burger and steak and offers a large choice of unique salads for starters. I was assigned to take photos for online and print marketing endeavors. I had also the privilege to work with one of the prominent chef Justin Birmingham from the UK. The salads were the stars of the photo shoot with its vibrant and creative visual appearance that turns into a sumptuous delicatessen meal.