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Minh Tang photography no longer exist and will be redirected to Pixinity since he has established a new company under Pixnity Photography 亿像商务咨询(上海)有限公司


Shanghai Commercial Photography • 上海商业摄影

 Pixinity is a boutique photography company offering commercial photography and brand consultation services. Our field of expertise ranges from: hotels, food & beverage, products, architecture and fashion photography. Pixinity has extensive experience in providing branding consultation and photography services for hotel groups. We serve international clients around the world in Shanghai China.

The name Pixinity is an amalgam of the words “pixel and infinity” that symbolizes infinite pixels, infinite possibilities and creativity that we serve our clients to market their brands. We work with clients around the world and are accustomed to high international standards.

亿像是一个以视觉摄影为主,致力于商业摄影、平面设计、品牌视觉推广咨询等服务的多元化公司。公司业务涉及产品、餐饮、建筑、时尚的拍摄; 后期平面、软文、 创意设计等领域。公司英文名字(Pixinity)是“Pixel”(像素)和“Infinity”(无限)的结合,既象征“亿像”,更代表我们为客户带来的高品质服务和无限创意。凭借丰富的经验、专业的态度和新颖的创意,亿像已和许多国际大牌形成了战略伙伴关系,为来自全球的客户提供超出预期的至佳服务。