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Category : Model Photography

02 Mar 2015

Gong Yu Model

I had the honor to work with one of the most talented model Gong Yu for Liquid Model in Shanghai. On top of the shoot I have a pair of amazing fashion pieces from X.Q.Zhang Fashion that made everything easy so I couldn’t go wrong having selected the best ingredient for this shoot. One of turquoise color shimmering fabric pieces was my favorite to light the fabric with a flash light giving it a unique light source and texture. The […]

17 Jun 2014

Bikini Photo Shoot

We took photos for Salazious’ newest bikini collection. I shot a series of 12 different bikini styles with 3 different models. I was a rush job as usual like decided last minute to arrange the models and location etc. We were really lucky that it was a sunny day in the morning hours. I think I have miscalculated the sunrise, by 9am the sun was pretty high up there and we had hurry to get the shots as quickly as […]

17 Oct 2013

Creative Fashion Shoot

I had the privilege to shoot with one talented model from Canada and another great make up and stylist from Spain. All the make up and styling were done by Begona Alegria along with Annika Dow as the model. The shoot was taken in a studio at M50 in Shanghai and some selected outdoor area. The shoot was quick and the results were creatively pleasant and unique.

13 Oct 2013

Italian Fashion Brand Shoot

I had a great pleasure to working with a great Designer Neima who is a fashion designer based in Italy. NEIMASITAWI is a luxury boutique fashion brand out of Bologna, Italy with designs exclusively created by American-born fashion designer, Neima Sitawi. I had the privilege to shoot one of her precious collection that is very elegant and unique.

05 Jun 2012

Santoni Photo Shoot

Pixinity was assigned to take photos of Santoni’s latest collection for its upcoming exhibit in Shanghai. Santoni is a leading Italian manufacturer of seamless machine. Pixinity was managed by Full Talent Corporation to seek for the right models and the right studio to undertake this assignment. We rented Studio One which is located in the Changning district and we arranged everything last minute and had little time to prepare everything. Everything worked out at the end hiring the models on […]

17 Oct 2011

Photo shoot with Anne

Anne is a talented new model in town and we spontaneously took some test and portfolio shots for her book. We initiated some basic studio test shots and changed the settings several times. We were headed to Moganshan before the dark hit the night and got some brilliant sunset ambient light, very soft sunset light.

17 Dec 2010

Twin model shoot

A double whammy shoot, I like using double whammy as it will always remind me of Northstar and Sierra. Today Valery brought a pair twin models from South Africa she met at Mint. Val’s challenge was to brush up these two models on time to make the shoot. They showed up around 8am in the morning in order to have enough time to style them. I was able to start some test shoots around noon with one model. Val was […]

18 Sep 2010

Stephanie’s collection shoot

Stephanie contacted me for a fashion shoot for her products and she like Charlotte being as the model for the shoot. I had tested a shoot with Charlotte before and had a pleasant experience with her being very professional. The shoot was one day prior to my birthday and Kevin from Texas came to visit at the same time. We hosted a small party at my house the next day. Kevin and Eric helped me to blow some wind to […]

15 Aug 2010

It’s Shanghai Baby!

It was a really hot August day in Shanghai. I and Valery went to the Shanghai Lighthouse (Atanu) to scope out the location to see when it’s best to shoot. This location has an amazing view of the Shanghai Skyline. We were praying for some good weather though it was kind of hazy. We told the model to come at 6am to our studio since we were aiming to shoot 9am in the morning to have a soft morning light […]