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Luxury Hotel Photographer 豪华酒店专业摄影师

Have you ever wonder what it’s like to be a professional hotel photographer and how the images are taken?

I’m an experienced professional hotel photographer and my profession is to capture the most stylish and luxurious hotels. I will share some valuable and interesting experience about hotel photography. One might think shooting hotels is a lot of fun considering you can stay in a luxury hotel, eat gourmet food, opportunity to travel to exciting cities and of course taking beautiful pictures. Yes, it may be however it’s a professional assignment and it means serious labor. Hotel photography is a very specialized genre since it involves a lot coordination besides the actual photo shoot. Prior to the shoot, packing up and determining what camera equipment to bring is crucial since camera gears are heavy. I normally bring an average of 4 lenses to cover the entire range plus lights and other accessories. After arriving at the hotel I’m always eager to scope around the hotel areas and feel intrigued and mesmerized by the architecture in some luxury hotels.


Here are a few behind the scene and the result of the shots.


The first day is probably the most exciting day but oftentimes very hectic to meet the shooting schedule. Depends on how well it’s planned, the shoot normally ends around after dinner time. By the end of the day, I’m physically exhausted by pacing around the hotel facilities. I immediately review the shots to make sure to get all the shots I wanted and then plan for the next day. My job is not about coming in and snapping a bunch of images but with a lot of preparation and coordination with the hotels and liaison with the managers and staff. The actual work is not photography itself but managing and coordinating human resources in order to achieve the desired outcome. 80% of the time we spend time on cleaning the place and directing staff and model and maybe 20% is to actually snap the actual photo. Every shot must be meticulously staged from arranging the furniture to placing decoration in the right spot, nothing is arbitrary.


Post production is another important aspect of the process. Professional photography today is digital, meaning digital processing and it is an indispensable part of photography. Here is a sample before and after for a hotel room.

摄影师简介 • About the Photographer
Minh Tang is an award winning commercial photographer and is one of the leading hotel photographer/consultant in China. Prior to his arrival in Shanghai, he worked as a lead designer/photographer in a multicultural marketing company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently he shoots primarily in the hotel & resorts, food and beverage industry and other commercial shoots for product and fashion related genres.


For more information, please contact or visit my website at

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