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It’s Shanghai Baby!

It was a really hot August day in Shanghai. I and Valery went to the Shanghai Lighthouse (Atanu) to scope out the location to see when it’s best to shoot. This location has an amazing view of the Shanghai Skyline. We were praying for some good weather though it was kind of hazy. We told the model to come at 6am to our studio since we were aiming to shoot 9am in the morning to have a soft morning light and shine on the skyline and to avoid the harsh sun at noon and the rising heat during the Shanghai summer. Mandy brought this awesome colorful dress that suited for the skyline background. We were afraid that she wouldn’t show up until later but everything worked out and there we were at the Bund. Around 10am there are already a billion people at the Bund and the shoot attracted a lot of attention on top of the lighthouse. The sun ocassionally came out through the clouds. I wanted to avoid using the stroib light and use natural light as much as possible so we had to improvised on and off upon the sun’s positioning. I was really really nervous because it took a lot of effort to coordinate this shoot, fortunately everything worked out and we got some great shots.

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